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Customer Service

While making a reservation with AUTO COUDICAR, you will be quickly realize that we offer the most personalized customer service in montreal. We are always available for our customers, and you won't have to deal with call center ! This is how we created a solid relation with all our clients.

As a small Business owner we understand how important it is to understand our clients needs. 


Free GPS

To spend a stress-free ride, we offer a FREE GPS during your rental period.

Rent a car for more than a week and you will receive a free GPS that will allow you to go from point A to point B with no worries !

The GPS updates work anywhere in Canada and the United States ! Go on a road trip without the worry of getting lost !

Delivery for free

Auto Coudicar is one of the only rental companies in Montreal that delivers the car to your door !! Whether you are at work, at home, or landing at the airport of Montreal, we deliver the car wherever you wish to receive it.

Rent a car for at least a week and we will deliver and pick up the car from whatever the address in Montreal !

This service is only at Auto Coudicar, the car is delivered without the need of you to drive it back to our branch location !

Unlimited Mileage


Auto Coudicar offers unlimited mileage on some vehicles! This would be the ideal choice for traveling during your next vacation! Whether you are planning for a road trip or a simple drive around the city, you can rent a car without worrying about the mileage you are using !  

Not only you will be able to drive as much as you'd like during your rental period, you'll also enjoy your stress-free vacation with no extra fees, no matter how much you drive!


Need a rental vehicle for two months or more? Whether you're driving a distance for your job, or enjoying an extended vacation, you'll like our Coudicar Mini-Lease program.

Get all the savings and benefits, all the convenience, all you could ever need when renting a vehicle for 60 days or longer.


  • Customer service 24 hours
  • Lowest price in Montreal (guarantee)
  • Personalized customer service  
  • We are open on weekends
  • Additional driver can be placed on the contract for free
  • Free GPS with rental of 2 weeks or more.
  • Pick up from airport
  • We take the vehicle from the airport
  • Delivery vehicle for free! No need to bring us BACK!
  • A personalized service for every customer!
  • Child seat available free at a rental of 2 weeks or more
  • Our unlimited mileage for most of our vehicles!


CALL NOW !!!  514-507-7117


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